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Top 5 strengths - Strategic, Restorative, Analytical, Futuristic, Significance

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Boilermaker Consulting Group

Served as a Project Manager and Financial/Risk Team Lead for this Purdue student-led consulting practice.
I provided tailored solutions to our industry/corporate partners, Rolls Royce and Kraft Heinz, by conducting financial impact analysis of major business risks faced by the companies post COVID in segments with $11k million+ in revenue.


2020 Goldman Sachs Summer Insight Series

I was chosen from a pool of 5000+ applicants to participate in this interactive 8-week program into getting to know Goldman Sachs better. This program provided an introduction to the financial world through hands-on experience, key insights into the Goldman Sachs culture, the day-to-day lives of employees, and networking opportunities with professionals at the firm.


TechPoint S.O.S. Challenge

The S.O.S. Challenge was a unique program for charitable and educational purposes. I was on the business development squad and worked on the business model, pricing model, go-to-market strategy, and value proposition model of a working prototype of a body count scanner and website. This scanner and website was our team's solution to face the challenge COVID-19 had presented for restaurants and small businesses.

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AT&T Summer Externship Program

Completed 80-hours of self-paced learning lessons and activities to acquire business and technical acumen along with personal growth and professional development.
Gained insights from numerous executives and recognized experts through live presentations and completed entry-level training in finance, technology, advertising, media, communication, and leadership.

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